Who am I?

Cody Baldwin. I currently reside in Tatsuno (lit. “Dragon Field”), Hyogo, Japan. I have also recently lived in, Aioi, Hyogo, Japan, and Sakai, Osaka-fu, Japan. A small town known for shipbuilding. I teach English here, but also work in graphic design, photography, and audio production. I’ve been in Japan since late August, 2011, and while studying Japanese I love exploring current movements in art, architecture, food, and culture here.


I graduated from North Central High School, one of the largest schools in the state of Indiana, with honors and with college credits from ‘Advanced Placement Studio Art’. Through NC, I also studied Japanese for four years and spent three weeks in the summer of 2004 with a gracious host family, the Shimoda’s, in Morioka City of Iwate Prefecture in northern Japan.

I graduated from Indiana University in the Spring of 2011. I majored in Communications and Culture and minored and East Asian Studies with a concentration in Japanese. I made several award winning films during my time in the CMCL department working with several fantastic professors who I still consider mentors. I also had the opportunity to design and assist the editing of two publications on campus: The Collins Living Learning Center’s annual compendium of residents’ art, titled “The Dancing Star”; and the campus wide arts publication sponsored by the Union Board student association, “Canvas”. I also relish my experience at Indiana University Radio and Television Services (IU-RTVS) where I worked for several years as a production assistant. There I learned a great deal about the entire cycle of video production from set construction to shipping DVDs.

I’ve been teaching English in Japan for going on three years now. I teach all ages of students, from kindergarten to adults. I work at a small husband and wife owned/operated private English school called Northwood. It’s a fantastic school with incredible resources and experienced teachers–the quality of which is hard to find elsewhere in my opinion. The smallness of the school allows for a great deal of customization and freedom, particularly for older students. The younger students use the PLS system–a fun an engaging introduction to English, rich with TPR, storytelling, and a plethora of games. Please do read more about Northwood by clicking here (in Japanese). I took the CELTA English teaching methodology course in the Summer of 2011, at the New York Teaching House school. I’ve been studying Japanese for over 8 years now, but only recently passed the JEES Japanese Language Proficiency Exam level N3 (Woo Hoo! On to the N2!).

Hobbies and Interests

I’m interested in just about everything, I love non-fiction, and am constantly exploring new ideas and topics whenever possible. I take photographs, travel, enjoy cooking and eating unique foods, playing chess and recently shogi. I also love biking, and try to take my bike with me whenever and wherever I go. I make free music which is available on Soundcloud and Bandcamp (old handle is “mudl”–but I’m working on a new project with a friend and co-worker now). Photos I’ve taken in the past which have been archived are available on Flickr. I do have a Twitter, a Facebook, and a Tumblr, and you can see my (mostly protected) Youtube and Vimeo accounts, if it please you. Check the “Web” section for links. In 2014 I’d like to make a bee box, my own homemade miso, and get the stuff I need to make my own beer. Finally, I have a almost preternatural interest in hot sauce and spicy food, and dream to one day make my own. Thanks for reading!