Soy milk tasting party at Himeji castle

Soy milk tasting party at Himeji castle

Breakfast in Ako, Misaki house

Breakfast in Ako, Misaki house

Kiya Ryoukan

Kiya Ryoukan, holy shit. 12 rooms. We shoulda invited more people but I don't think we knew what we were gettin' into.


Kiya Ryokan is a reformed Ryokan style inn located near the old shopping arcade in downtown Uwajima.

There are 12 total rooms, 4 bathrooms, and one fantastic sentou style bathing room. The building is reformed kominka style–creating a pleasant and relaxing, warm, atmosphere. Nearby are plenty of attractions and delicious special foods of the region.

Because the building was recently used for an art exhibition (featuring the brilliant work of Tabaimo), several rooms come equipped with special LED lighting and glass floors for a truly unique and mood altering experience. Highly recommended.

Outside Dogo Onsen

Taking baths at the oldest hot spring in Japan (Dogo Onsen in Matsuyama, Ehime, on Shikoku [featured in Spirited Away, by the way]), eating sashimi and drinking craft beer with Juice. Tomorrow Uwajima, Kiya Ryokan.


Read more about Dogo Onsen here.


高知アイス. Made in Tosa! (Strawberry, vanilla-egg, sea salt, and Imo-ken Flavors). After a long bike ride on the Niyodo river with Guy in Kochi.


Made in Tosa! (Strawberry, vanilla-egg, sea salt, and Imo-ken Flavors). After a long bike ride on the Niyodo river with Guy in Kochi.

Kochi Bound. 終点高知.

Kochi Bound. 終点高知.




More on Fuchiko.

The one with silver legs is pretty rare, FYI. And I’ve also got a onsen-fuchiko, too. Ballin’.


ユック衣ぴびぴびぴびぱAnother day買い物、いってきます
パンチョウうん?Vegan micro biotic lunch set in AioiDessert 2
Video game bar with Jono and Guy the other dayBoys nightTexmex linnerBook Club

Jelly麹, a set on Flickr.

A flickr set from the last 6 months or so. Some really great memories in here. Bike rides and new bibimbap restraunts. Okamoto Taro tower mimicry and all night dancing in Osaka. Vegan cafes in rural Japan, and video game bars back in Shinsaibashi with old friends. Worth a gander!

Beer Belly

Best drinking in Osaka award goes to "Beer Belly in Tenma"! (Right next to a bad-ass tacos joint with par for the course but cheap molé).

Beer Belly” is Minoh’s new bar in Tenma–a great area of Osaka filled with cool little bars. Near BB is a pretty nice taco joint, and also a great wine bar, if you feel like making the rounds. If you do make it out to BB, the fish and chips are some of the most affordable and delicious I’ve found in Osaka.

今伊荘, Cafe by the sea

Jellyfish reading before lunch by the beach

Kind of hard to see in this photo, but the cafe is just footsteps away from the beach. The interior is beautifully remodeled, from an old boat house. There’s lots of good reading to be done (I’ve chosen a book about a jellyfish)–and the food is nothing to scoff at, either. Delicious traditional Japanese offerings. You can read more about 今伊荘 (Imaisou) here.